The entrepreneurs behind the vision

We see ourselves as a forward looking group of passionate professionals with the relevant experience to match. With varied backgrounds in investment and mining we have entrepreneurialism in our hearts and risk awareness in our heads.

Fodere group Team


Nick von Schirnding has over 25 years’ experience in the mining sector across a number of geographies. Nick was CEO of Asia Resource Minerals plc, a FTSE listed mining company. Prior to this Nick was a senior executive with Anglo American plc and De Beers.

  • Nick was also deputy chairman of Berau Coal, Indonesia’s 4th largest listed coal company.
  • Nick is currently Executive Chairman of Arc Minerals a London listed mining group with copper interests in Zambia. Nick is a highly experienced corporate executive with a career spanning 25+ years in the resources sector.
  • Nick is also a Non-Executive Director of AIM listed Jangada Mines who are developing a high-grade vanadium and titanium asset in Pitomberias, South America.
  • Nick has extensive experience of successful strategic development, corporate finance/M&A, restructuring, corporate governance, institutional shareholders and UK regulatory framework.
  • Geographical experience includes the UK, Far East, South America and South Africa.
Fodere group Team

Director & Co founder

Over 20 years of experience as a professional consultant and a business owner with an ability in directing complex projects from concept to fully operational status

  • Former director of International Horizon Group of Companies domiciled in the United Arab Emirates, specialising in plant decommissioning & metals trading.
  • Part of a unique and eminent group of multi-disciplined industry professionals that provided all the expertise and experience essential for undertaking every aspect of decommissioning defunct iron ore mines, trading the recycled material, from initial concept through to completion, occupation and management.
  • Has extensive experience in commodities industry and has extensive experience in problem solving in crisis-ridden business atmosphere.
  • Well versed in all European funding mechanisms, trade finance, import and export processes and related documents, project oriented debt and equity facilitation.
  • Highly experienced in geographical areas such as Africa, Middle East and Asia and has implemented
    protocols and governmental relationships within Africa.
Fodere group Team

Director & Co-founder

Career started at Rudolf Wolfe and JP Morgan on the London International Financial Futures Exchanges (LIFFE) in the late 90s

Traded a wide range of asset classes such as Equities, STIRS, Government Bonds and Commodities

  • From 2003-2006 he helped structure a successful 50-person trading operation in Gibraltar.
  • Co-founder Zone Invest Group a proprietary and commodity trading group. Headed up the Commodities arm, which consisted of the sourcing physical products from the London Metals Exchange.
  • Aided in the structuring of both Fodere Zambia and Fodere Mining DRC, companies holding mining licences.
  • Excellent global contacts, proficient in identifying and proving high grade Oxide assets, trading local material into processing plants, through to end users.
Fodere group Team

Director & Co-founder

Worked in the City of London for 20 years and has extensive international experience in Trading commodities and financial markets

  • Managed market traders and headed up operations for several leading financial institutions.
  • Set up and managed offices globally, traded futures and commodities and executed physical commodity transactions in the UK, Europe and Africa.
  • Has been instrumental in the successful delivery of financial strategies, conducting market and financial analysis, developing resourcing models and business transformation strategies.
  • Worked with several well-placed international trading organisations and has led several profitable initiatives for both organisations and clients alike.
  • Co-Founder of Zone Invest Group in 2010
  • Currently working on projects in Zambia, DRC and South Africa
Fodere group Team

Chief Financial Officer

Andrew qualified as a Chartered Accountant with Deloitte in Johannesburg. He has over 20 years’ experience across a range of sectors including Financial Services, UK Government and Oil and Gas

While never straying too far from the central finance function, he has overseen the implementation of various operating models – from bespoke trading platforms for investment banks to large-scale multi-national enterprise reporting systems across the UK, continental Europe, West and East Africa.

Currently he runs his own boutique consultancy in London specialising in the development and clear presentation of complex data analytics and financial models supporting venture capitalists and family investors.

Fodere group Team

Business Development Director

Anette has extensive expertise and insights in the field of business management and socio-economic strategy development

  • Anette is the Development Director for Fodere Titanium in South Africa. Her responsibilities include the continuous identification, assessment and incubation of strategic opportunities that will drive growth, increased visibility, influence, impact and sustainability of board approved priorities and strategy within South Africa. She has developed strong relationships with various members of the South African mining industry.
  • Anette has several years of experience at both middle and senior management level in South Africa with a wide network of government and industrial connections. She has extensive experience specifically in management and socio-economic strategy development. She is an outstanding strategic thinker with extensive international experience and deep insights on local business and political environment. Anette is fluent in English, Afrikaans and German.
Fodere group Team

Corporate Finance & Funding Consultant

High profile international banker, experience Trustee and Chairman of a Banking Committee with insight to Whitehall and UK Government. 35 years Investment & Corporate banking experience working across a range of asset classes.

  • Previously Managing Director and Global Head of a successful Export Credit Agency & Structured Trade Finance business in a major global Investment Bank. Strong international credit background with deep experience across the developing markets through various financial cycles.
  • A pioneer within the banking industry receiving numerous accolades based on many market firsts. Able to champion change whilst maintaining a strategic perspective, focusing on risk mitigation and strong operational controls.
  • Strong relationships with sovereigns, civil servants, multinationals, project companies and exporters across the globe. Huge track record in facilitating economy growth for both Exporters and Buyers.
  • Strong interpersonal skills with a deep understanding of cultural differences (travelled to over 90 countries) with a proven track record of leading an international team focused on closing major land mark transactions. Led with vision, drove strategy and innovated to create market differential.
  • Sectors experience includes road, rail, ports, power stations, petrochemical & LNG plants, satellites, telecommunications, civil and military aircraft, helicopters, air-traffic control, airports, cruise ships, water treatment plants, hospitals, hydro dams, steel mills, pipelines, mining and commodities.