Vanadium is used in many industries and applications, from automobiles, power generation, and hand tools, to ships, industrial tools and aeroplanes.

Fodere group vanadium Aerospace


Vanadium is found in aircraft components including landing gear using ultra high strength steel 300M, and airframe and engine parts using titanium alloys such as Ti-6Al-4V.

Fodere group vanadium Anti-Seismic Rebars

Anti-Seismic Rebars

Vanadium microalloyed high strength rebar is a safe, reliable and cost effective solution for reinforced concrete construction in earthquake prone regions.

Fodere group vanadium Anti-Seismic Rebars


Many applications of vanadium exist in modern automobiles including HSLA and AHSS for body structure, and microalloyed forging steels for engine and chassis.

Fodere group vanadium


Steel bridges often use vanadium microalloyed HSLA steel due the excellent combination of high strength, toughness and weldability.

Fodere group vanadium Construction


Vanadium plays an essential role in providing high strength and cost effective solutions for the construction sector.

Fodere group vanadium Fusion Reactors

Fusion Reactors

Vanadium alloys are being investigated as potential candidate materials for fusion reactors.

Fodere group vanadium Hand Tools

Hand Tools

Vanadium and chromium are added to increase the surface hardness and resistance to distortion under load in many hand tools.

Fodere group vanadium High Strength Bolts

High Strength Bolts

Vanadium is often added to high strength bolts to improve their resistance to hydrogen induced delayed failure.

Fodere group vanadium Knives


Many steels used for high quality knives contain vanadium to increase hardness and edge retention.

Fodere group vanadium Machinery/Bearings


In high strength heat treated steels used in machinery vanadium is often an important component improving strength and toughness due to temper resistance.

Fodere group vanadium Oil & Gas Pipelines

Oil & Gas Pipelines

High strength, tough and weldable HSLA plate and coil steels containing vanadium are widely used for oil and gas transmission pipelines.

Fodere group vanadium Power Stations

Power Stations

Power stations rely on vanadium in many high strength creep resistant components using carbon and stainless steels subjected to high temperatures and corrosive environments.

Fodere group vanadium Rails


Vanadium can be added to improve the properties of high performance pearlitic and bainitic rail steels required for extreme service conditions.

Fodere group vanadium Ships


In ship plate and bulb flats vanadium is used to achieve high strength and toughness, while maintaining excellent weldability.

Fodere group vanadium Tools & Dies

Tools & Dies

Tools and dies, used to manufacture engineering components and everyday articles, often contain vanadium for improved cutting edge hardness and wear resistance.

Fodere group vanadium Transmission Towers

Transmission Towers

Electricity transmission towers are lighter and higher performance due to high strength, tough and weldable vanadium microalloyed HSLA section steels.

Fodere group vanadium Vanadium Redox Flow Battery (VRFB)

Vanadium Redox Flow Battery (VRFB)

The Vanadium Redox Flow Battery uses vanadium electrolyte to store energy and enable wider use of renewable power generation such as wind and solar

Fodere group vanadium Wind Turbines

Wind Turbines

Wind turbine towers benefit from lighter weight and weldability when vanadium microalloyed HSLA steel plate is used.